Interim Management Resourcing

5 simple ways to improve your chances of securing an interim assignment during the pandemic

A white paper of Senior Management Worldwide.

Pitch, product & attitude

The interim executive market at the moment is the most challenging I’ve seen in my 20+ year career finding top interim talent for clients. Having reflected on some of the simple things you can do to improve your chances of securing your next interim appointment, I’ve come up with the following Top 5! There are no revelations, but in some ways, revising ‘pitch, product & attitude’ is more important than ever.

1. Hone your product

Understanding and articulating your own product has always been the cornerstone of successful interims; it’s even more important now. Really dis-ll years of experience and skills into a product suite that is true to yourself, easy to articulate, reflected in your CV/online presence and where there’s a demand. This makes you easier to work with and easier for clients to select you.

2. Find the recruiters who are  right for you  

Research those that best complement your  product offering and look beyond the obvious.  As well as specialist interim executive providers  there are also  excellent (not exclusively C Level)  boutique recruiters who just focus on your  sector or discipline. The right cross-sec-on of  the marketplace will improve your chances.  

3. Get the pricing right  

We have not seen a depression in day rates for  interim executives but an ability to show  flexibility will give you a competitive advantage.  This does not mean a ‘price drop’ but think  beyond pre-pandemic metrics. Could you work  3-4 days not 5? Has the team you are joining  already taken a pay cut? Is the sector under  more pressure than others? Are there savings in  working from home? Small, sympathetic  adjustments to rates have lead to success in  recent weeks.

4. Prepare your technology  

On several occasions the preferred candidate has missed out simply because they couldn’t work the online interview software. Download  the latest version, practice a platform that’s  ‘new’ to you, login a little early. It’s embarrassingly simple but often overlooked.  

5. Be resilient  

Recognize there’s a high level of anxiety out  there. Business leaders and recruiters are  navigating uncharted waters, fearful for their  families’ futures. Sometimes, for reasons way  beyond your control, you miss out; the  company gets cold feet, you are trumped at the last minute by a personal referral, a sudden  restructure, a share price drop. Don’t let those  frustrations get to you, try to draw a line under  it and move on.  

International cooperation  

This white paper is a contribution of SMW’s  partner Omera Partners (Danny Hodgson)  from Australia.  

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