Interim Management Resourcing

When is it worth commissioning an interim manager?


It can be an ideal solution in many industries and positions, with the following common features, when:


  • Fast, quite often an immediate solution is required
  • With no time for onboarding, start of service right away is needed
  • Measurable achievements within reasonably short time are requested
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Gap Management

Services available within days in case of hinderence, dismissal, maternity leave, delegation, lasting search, unplanned vacancy.


Mature and result oriented interims with multiple executive experiences to manage structural, strategic, porfolio or organizational changes.



Interims with specific and relevant experiences to manage or coordinate individual projects off the daily operations.


Interim specialists with various all-round experiences to manage crisis, lead consolidation or drive major developments.

Turnaround / restructuring

Best qualified interims to support sophisticated mergers, complicated acquisitions, and large scale transformations.


Seasoned interims to provide immediate support to manage fast growth, international expansion, and technological challenges.


Solutions for all players to manage portfolio companies, acquisition and investment projects.


IMR is the only interim service provider in Hungary which is the active member of the international association


IMR is the only interim service provider in Hungary which is the active member of the international association Senior Management Worldwide. This network enables IMR to transmit the latest global trends both to clients and interims.

IMR can also be an active crossborder partner for clients and interims.

IMR has a global access to 50,000 potential candidates.


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It may happen that a client is just looking for you.

Register in our interim data base free of charge if you:

  • Have multiple executive and project management experiences
  • Like to work in regularly changing working environments
  • Are self-assured, strong in convincing communication and establishing relationships
  • Possess outstanding problem solving skills
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We are proud of the successes of our clients


There has been no single project in our long year track of operation where any of our clients would have terminted the assignment of any of our interims.